High Quality Analysis

  • Many firms collect “ethnographic” data (a combination of interviewing and observation) but do not necessarily know how to analyze it.
  • One of CulturalKeys’ areas of expertise is making sense of conversations, meeting notes, and survey comments.
  • We use content analysis to understand what is going on culturally.
  • Here is a portion of an interview with an engineer who works at two different work sites where automotive products are tested.

Note how the characteristics of the two sites can be captured.

See what the coding reveals about the two sites.

Northern Proving Ground

Southern Proving Ground

An analogy is helpful in capturing differences between the two sites.

Northern Proving Ground is like an Emergency Room

Southern Proving Ground is like a Doctor’s Office

The analogy can also be used to develop actionable recommendations.

Create New Rules for Northern Proving Ground

Use "Doctor’s Office" Rules for Southern Proving Ground