"Elizabeth’s expertise, credibility, careful analysis, ability to understand and relate to people on the plant floor and executive suite, and clear and compelling presentations have convinced skeptical leaders of both GM and the UAW of the need for this new approach"...[and of the need to] "get the culture right before jumping into processes and details."

"We are very pleased with the learning from the cultural assessment process and are confident that the proposed action plans will move us toward achieving our goals."

"As our churches work to discover a new and continuing identity, we invite members into gatherings for Holy Conversations. Through an analysis of the data and comments gathered in our largest congregation, Elizabeth Briody created the best cultural analysis and description I’ve encountered. This presentation of significant cultural themes of the past, present and future provides an outstanding framework for understanding and leading this church community forward."

"Dr. Briody and I share considerable anthropology leadership experiences which have informed me very well about her exceptional knowledge and abilities in conceptualizing and implementing major projects. She is very 'high energy' and determined when she decides to initiate a project."

"Elizabeth and her group helped facilitate an entire orientation ... I know I found this very valuable and I also know the Shop Committee was very impressed."

"Elizabeth has also been a knowledgeable and effective speaker at various outreach workshops we organized over the years. She is a master in blending academic knowledge with practical observations and insights. I am always impressed with her ability to peer into issues and bring out insights that are right on the mark... I regard Elizabeth as a gifted social scientist, a meticulous researcher, and a dedicated worker. I have come to appreciate her tireless approach to applied research, work ethic, and exceptional commitment to making a difference in whatever project she undertakes.

"The authors (of Transforming Culture) have developed real and realistic methods to induce constructive culture change. Useful to anyone trying to change the culture of an organization."

"Assembling and working with diverse teams is an important challenge in every workplace. This collection of careful studies (compiled by Briody and Trotter) with special attention to culture, helps us to understand what works in cross-national partnerships and why."